Oil Investment Opportunities by Santa Rosa Resources

Tax Write-Offs

Reliable Monthly Income

Hedge Against Inflation

Strong Overall Return

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Tax Benefits & Bonuses

By investing directly into oil and gas projects investors are able to capitalize on extremely favorable tax benefits, many of which can be claimed during the same year the initial investment is made. 

Long Term Revenue Source

Oil and gas investments can pay out as long as fifteen to thirty years, a revenue stream that is not impacted by stock market trends, interest rates, or short-term economic fluctuations.

Provides Stable Monthly Income

Investor net revenue interest checks are sent out monthly by the operator along with a full accounting of all operating costs and expenses that are charged to the investor.

Professional Management

At each and every stage throughout the process, Santa Rosa Resources manages and implements the critical technological, economic and legal safeguards necessary to mitigate risk and maximize production from every well.

Real Time Communications

Investors are kept completely informed via detailed project updates, quarterly newsletters, frequent economic reporting, and immediate direct access to a company representative.

Transparent Operating Costs

Monthly operating costs are sent directly to the investor and are never automatically deducted from the investor’s revenue check. An itemized billing statement for all operating costs and expenses is sent to the investor or his representative. Copies of all receipts are available online.




Oil & Gas Tax Benefits

Oil and gas investments offer some of the best write-offs available to investors today. The investment is a one hundred percent write-off, the income from the wells is partially taxed sheltered and oil and gas direct participation program write-offs will not, in many instances, trigger the AMT. The initial investment is comprised of intangible and…


Oil and Gas Outlook

“It’s tough to make predictions, especially about the future.” Yogi Berra. This is particularly true when it comes to predicting the outlook for oil and gas, even near term. In July of 2008 oil was trading at over $140 per barrel. Goldman Sachs forecasted that prices would soon hit $200 a barrel. The mortgage backed…


Market Update by Eddy Aruda

2014 Oil Forecast It appears that exploration and production (E&P) capital outlays by major oil companies has plateaued. In 2012 it is estimated that capital investments in the E&P sector was 354.4 billion and in 2014 only increased to 354.8 billion in 2013. Financial pundits are fond of the phrase “Main Street, not Wall Street.”…


Learn the methods used by SUCCESSFUL investors to create INCREDIBLE wealth!



We charge a fair price.

Our costs to the investors are fair and reasonable. The company has a working interest position in each well we drill. We offer ownership in the wells without reducing the net  revenue interest to the investor. For example, if we get the lease at an 83% NRI then the investor gets his working interest at an 83% NRI.

Multiple joint venture drilling.

By drilling multiple wells we mitigate risk and reduce costs by “buying in bulk.” We target prospects that have multiple pay zones to increase the chance of each well being commercially successful. We drill in areas that have proven production or have the required data available to justify the cost to drill the wells.

We are seasoned professionals.

The two owners of the company have a combined 35 years of experience in the oil business. We know our investors are counting on us. We take our fiduciary responsibilities seriously and we always put our investors first.


Oil makes the world go round, and there’s no sign of that changing anytime soon. Petroleum remains in high demand, as it is an efficient way to generate both BTUs (British Thermal Units, a measure of energy) and kilowatt hours. Petroleum also has a multitude of uses in industry, as it can be used as a lubricant and is a key component in the creation of plastics.

Natural gas, for its part, is a popular source of heating and cooking energy. It can also be converted into diesel fuel and electricity, and is essential in the creation of chemical fertilizers.

While crude oil prices and gasoline prices are relatively high compared to historic norms, when adjusted for inflation, natural gas prices are currently near a 10-year low, as of early 2012. This creates a natural possible buying point if demand for natural gas should increase or if supply should fall resulting in a price increase.


We endeavor to always conduct ourselves with integrity.

We strive to constantly improve our relationship with our investors and we treat them as friends and family. By going the extra mile for them we believe that the company will be more profitable in the long term.

We believe that the planet we live on is a better place because of what we do. Virtually all Americans use over one hundred petroleum based products a day and that virtually every achievement made by the human race in the last one hundred in fifty years is due directly to the benefits provided by oil and gas.

Oil and gas will be the bedrock of future American prosperity. America is about to undergo an economic renaissance. We are proud to be part of it.

For America, the best is yet to come. Our future greatness is ahead of us. America will continue to lead.